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About Me


Recently I've been trying out pixel art! Normally, digital art is a bit of a challenge for me - I'm used to the pen doing what I want it to do, and I'm not at all used to Photoshop. There's something satisfying about the precision of filling in a few pixels at a time.


I am studying art conservation - this incorporates studio art, art history, and chemistry. I'd like to focus on modern Chinese art, especially considering the current political environment.


The greatest thing about reading is its ability to convey so much information in a stress-reducing way. I like books about:

    Any art history, especially that of East Asia - painting, printmaking, papermaking, book binding... Rococo and Baroque art from France and Italy... Art Nouveau (France), Vienna Secession (Austria), and other commercial art/advertising... American Romanticism (Albert Bierstadt, Thomas Cole)...
    Ancient Christianity, or any discussion of mythologies from a secular historical perspective. I recommend Bloch's translation of the Song of Songs
    Quantum physics and astronomy - more from a pop science perspective

I'm an amateur naturalist - there's a menagerie of dragonflies in the pond by my residence, and I'm working on photographing and IDing them all.

How nerdy is collecting rocks?

This all makes me sound a lot more motivated than I am. Actually, in my free time, I play Animal Crossing: City Folk and watch UK panel shows.

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