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On the sidebar of this site:
❀ night mode: a pixel art and animation project done in Photoshop. Fashionably lowercase.
✿ help me: a project in process.
❀ Fez: a pixel art and animation project from the 2012 game Fez by Polytron.

❀ "Celadon". Micron pen with digital color.
✿ "Yma". Micron pen with digital color. See her at the virtual Mask/Maske exhibit: https://sanarchy.art/
❀ "Fur coat". Digital.
✿ "La Reina Roja". Micron pen with digital color.

Celadon Yma Fur coat La Reina Roja

Micron pen

My favorite medium.

Stretch Nautilus Futakuchi Parade Bismuth Hans Bismuth Cube Cube Cube Ring Ring Ring Tower of Power Twins


These were done on either Photoshop or Procreate. 'Celadon' and 'Yma' were done in micron pen and colored in Procreate.

Celadon Celadon Yma Yma Faremoutiers Santiago Tours Lerins Bobbio Monte Cassino Chevy Eyes Iso Katya Kobutori Kobutori Kobutori Papercut font nightmode Myra

pixel art after the 2012 game Fez by Polytron:

Fez Fez


Watercolors and oils.

Self-portrait Beakers Sun Angry Chair Vivians Figure Figure


Some paper I marbled. They turned out pretty unique because I let the ink dry before I took the print.

Paper Paper Paper Paper Paper Paper

Mini books

I prefer doing Japanese stab-bound books, but I'll try a Coptic stitch now and then.

small bookbinding project

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